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Strategic Decisions

Based on technical knowledge and more than decade long experience of the Metagenomics and Microbiome field we can provide businesses with appropriate technical information to enable strategic business decisions.

Technical support

Metagenomics and Microbiome are quickly evolving research fields. It is a challenge to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and methods. We can provide technical recommendations for software and analysis strategies for your projects.

Hands-on programming

With 12+ years of experience of bioinformatic programming and in-depth experience with bash, Perl, R and many NGS and other Bioinformatics tools, we can also get our hands dirty and solve the computational challenges directly for you!



The Team


Jens Roat Kultima, Ph.D.

Founder & Owner

With a solid background analyzing data from numerous bioinformatics technologies, I strive to continue improving research that impacts human health.

     I have worked extensively in wet- and dry-labs, academia and small and large companies across the world. Currently I lead my own consulting firm. Previously, I have been a key-player in progressing Clinical Microbiomics’ R&D. I worked at Janssen Human Microbiome Institute with focus on the clinical VE202 program targeting autoimmune diseases using a cocktail of bacteria.

     During my Ph.D., I developed and applied one of Europe's most widely used Metagenomics processing pipeline (MOCAT 1 and 2), and analysed some of the world’s largest Metagenomic datasets from human gut and ocean samples. As part of my M.Sc. at MIT and Harvard University, I designed pH-sensitive drug vehicles. I have also sequenced, assembled and analyzed parapoxviruses, and developed cancer prediction models using microarray datasets.

     I have 12+ years of experience in bioinformatics, am fluent in Perl, R, bash with experience in Java and Python. I have comprehensive knowledge of optimising and running complex UNIX workflows using high performance computing clusters and handling thousands of very large NGS samples. With 8+ years in the field of Metagenomics, I have in-depth knowledge of developing cutting-edge, complete Metagenomics pipelines from raw sequences up to final analyses.

     Finally I have extensive experience as a team player, both in driving and supporting R&D across multiple stakeholders with diverse backgrounds.


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